Experience the Mojave Desert

Experience the extremes of Death Valley National Park, and the diversity of the Mojave National Preserve.

Experience the largest, and the third largest units of the National Park Service located in the continental United States.

Experience Natural History: deserts, volcanic landforms, sand dunes, salt pans, mountains.

Experience Human History: Learn about the heritage and culture of Southwest United States; Learn about Native Americans and their Homeland; Learn about 19th century explorers and pioneer settlers; Learn about ranching, mining and the railroad in Southern Nevada and Southern California; Learn about the transition of national governance from Spain to Republic of Mexico to United States; Learn how you can become an active steward of our national treasures.

Experience the Mojave Desert in two days. Lodging option includes Death Valley or Las Vegas.

Experience a custom private tour designed to match your interests, your available time and your budget.

Experience a Certified Professional Tourist Guide.

Explore, Discover and Experience the Mojave Desert year-round from Las Vegas, the gateway and hub to Southwest USA.

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Photo: Kelso Depot, Mojave National Preserve

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